Historic Dockyard Chatham

The Historic Dockyard Chatham (THDC) offers an array of amazing experiences year round. With the summer season approaching, the historic attraction wanted to make families in Kent and Essex more aware of its various activities – including the new pirate exhibition, the beach, science shows, 80 acres of dockyard, and more – plus the amazing ‘kids for a quid’ summer offer. We worked with THDC to develop the visual concept for the campaign, which was adapted across a variety of online and offline marketing communications.

Summer time at the dockyard

Creative | Social | Advertising


The brief was to create an eye-catching, image-led family summer campaign that highlights a number of activities available at THDC between July and September, whilst also considering how to enhance the existing booked media with the available budget.

THD Maingate


Campaign Creative

We developed a new look and feel that allowed the creative to convey multiple messages, and was also eye-catching with its graphical style.

Offline Marketing

In order to reach the target audience, we booked media spaces to advertise in key places we knew the target audience would be. Below lists the offline marketing booked and the expected footfall:

- Southeastern trains: Approx. 3,500,000 Southeastern passengers in a 2-week period.
- Lakeside Shopping Centre: Approx. footfall of 960,000 in a 2-week period.
- Bluewater Shopping Centre: Approx. footfall of 1,000,000 in a 2-week period.

Online Marketing

We knew from the audience profiles supplied that majority of THDC’s key audiences spent a lot of time online, and therefore knew online marketing would be a great way to communicate with them. Advertising online is a brilliant option for gaining coverage, especially with its ability for detailed targeting by age, gender and interests. We ran marketing campaigns in the following ways:

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

On these platforms, we targeted families living within a 90-minute radius of Chatham and used a combination of static, carousel and video adverts. The campaign was split into two phases; pre-summer and summer, with image updates to keep the creative fresh. The results were:





Clicks to website:


Facebook & Instagram Remarketing

Alongside our targeted, paid social ads, we also used a website pixel to build an audience made up of individuals who had already visited the website, but hadn’t purchased a ticket. With this information we ran a remarketing campaign and achieved the following results:





Clicks to website:


Google Display Ads:

Google Display Ads is a great option for targeting audiences; rather than attempting to guess which websites our target audience would visit, we instead tapped into the Google Display Network to target the individuals themselves: families within a 90-minute radius of Chatham. The results were:



Clicks to website:


Dayoutwiththekids listing

With 100 million page views per year from 17 million families, dayoutwiththekids.co.uk is one of the top online resources used by families to plan summer holiday activities. A sponsored listing allowed THDC to appear in the top search results for Kent activities, alongside allowing more imagery, links and display the ‘kids for a quid’ deal to be included. The listing achieved the following:

Listing page views:


Clicks to website:



The overall results achieved over the three-month duration of the summer campaign:


Over 3,500 leads from Facebook & Instagram Advertising


More than 2,500 leads from Google Advertising


Over 2,000,000 opportunities to see outdoor marketing

THD girl in sand

It was amazing working with The Historic Dockyard Chatham to form the Summer Campaign. We were delighted to work with the team who explained the goals of the campaign and previous and current marketing of the business. From this we created and rolled out the Summer Campaign to target audiences in Kent & Sussex. It truly was an absolute pleasure to work with such a like-minded business in Kent.

Purewhite Director
Historic Dockyard Chatham