We worked with Focus7 to create assets for Anglo Limited. From concepts already provided, we were able to build Anglo a visually-appealing website that represented the brand in an accurate, bright light. Additionally, while working in conjunction with Focus7, we created a video for the homepage to highlight to Anglo’s audience its place in the market as one of London’s largest independent business products and services providers.

Anglo video intro section
F7 logo

Purewhite Creative was able to take our video concepts and offer advice on effects and how to best achieve the complete look and feel we were after. After a collaborative brainstorm we realised the vision of the website functionality helped to position the client as a forward-facing, modern brand, as well as to structure and streamline their complex offering in a clear and concise way. Overall, great collaborative work with Purewhite Creative resulted in a successful client brand relaunch.

Head of Creative