Timings and budget – getting the balance right

October 11, 2019

Getting the balance right is a phrase many can relate to. However, most people have something in particular they focus on getting the balance right with or for. For one it may mean simply getting the balance right in their Pilates class, while for another it can be their finances or work and personal life.  

As a creative agency in Kent, what springs to mind for us is budget and timings – two things that have to balance to get the best outcome.

A screenshot from a video by Mo Selmin Art (see below) demonstrates this perfectly.

Mo Selmin Art’s speed challenge. For the full video visit: vimeo.com/226508728

Although the image is more of a speed test for drawing, it beautifully illustrates how timings and budget can restrict the end result of a project.

The bottom line is that timings will forever have an impact on the quality/outcome of any work, that’s why it’s our responsibility to communicate this.

We always work with our clients to make sure they’ll achieve amazing end results within their budget.

So, what springs to mind when you think about getting the balance right?