Personalising your shortcuts

October 15, 2019

There’s an abundance of keyboard shortcuts that Apple has in place to make life on Macs easier. However, creating your own keyboard shortcuts – in other words, personalising your keys – can save time and give you more control over how you work.

If you’re someone who’s constantly looking up shortcuts to remind yourself, or you simple don’t want to learn them, with the help of this blog you’ll be able to begin the journey to becoming a keyboard shortcut rebel living by your own rules.

This blog specifically looks at how to create your very own shortcuts for undo and redo when using Adobe InDesign, we chose this programme for the first blog of this kind as it doesn’t override any of the shortcuts already set out by Adobe. We’ve created seven simple steps to follow, plus a demo video.

Step 1: Click on ‘Edit’ then select ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: A window will open, click on ‘New Set’ and type in a title for your personalised shortcut set.

Step 3: Click the ‘Application Menu’ and select ‘Edit Menu’. 

Step 4: Scroll through the ‘Commands’ and select the ‘Redo’ shortcut.

Step 5: In the ‘New Shortcut’ box, type in the key you’d like to assign to this shortcut and select ‘Assign’ – we’d recommend F2.

Step 6: Repeat Step 4 and 5 but select ‘Undo’ – we’d recommend F1.  

Step 7: Click ‘OK’ and you’re ready to go.  

A short demo video illustrating how to create Redo & Undo shortcuts on Adobe InDesign.

Our office remains divided, with some enjoying the freedom to create their own and others living by Adobe’s set out shortcuts – either way it’s entirely your choice!

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions; simply visit our contact page to get in touch!