Loading the dishwasher and marketing are two peas in a pod!

September 24, 2019

They sound worlds apart, but loading the dishwasher and marketing really are very similar.  

We can’t be the first ones to have had rows, or debates shall we say, over how a dishwasher should be loaded; common lines include “no the knives should face downwards” and “yes, of course the plates go at the back, not the pans!”

Unless there’s a rule book floating around somewhere that we’ve missed – if there is please share it with us; it will settle many disagreements – it seems that every household finds their own way to fill the dishwasher.

So, what makes this similar to marketing? Well, despite us all having our own ways, we all want the same result: clean dishes. Marketing is no different, businesses want to be successful and improve in some way, that’s why they often turn to marketing agencies in the first place.  

Marketing can be done in so many ways. For example, you can build a site, write social posts, edit a video and roll out a campaign in completely different ways. Plus, each client will have different goals and ways of working. However, the aim/desired result is always the same, to do more. Whether that be more product sales, more visits to their website or simply more brand awareness. At Purewhite Creative, we’re always up for trying something different. When working with us we may even place the cups on the bottom rack – something you’d never do – but rest assured we’ll be placing those cups at the bottom for a reason, because we know it will achieve better results for you.