Keyboard shortcuts made easier

October 7, 2019

In our office we’ve become more than accustom to sharing apps with one another that make our work ways more efficient, and we thought why not share them with everyone!

Last week we provided our first trick, so this week it’s time for our first tip, and it’s an app – CheatSheet. CheatSheet is free to use and in short, it’s an app that, on the hold of the ⌘ key, provides a pop-up window displaying all of the available keyboard shortcuts for the app currently in use. And, best of all, CheatSheet works with all apps.

CheatSheet is a great tool for learning and speeding up your workflow on new and existing apps. For us, CheatSheet has two primary functions. The first we like to call ‘peek’, which we use to discover exactly which keyboard shortcuts are available on the app in use. To do this, hold the ⌘ key, identify the menu item needed, release the ⌘ key, and press the shortcut yourself. This is a great way to build muscle memory and become a master of keyboard shortcuts.

CheatSheet being used on Adobe Illustrator; this is the menu of keyboard shortcuts.

The second we call ‘pop’ – yes, we stole it from Apple. It’s pretty much the same as the ‘peek’ technique, except you can click on the shortcut needed, therefore making CheatSheet do the magic for you. To do this, hold the ⌘ key, identify the menu item needed, and simply select it!  

A short demo video we created of CheatSheet in use.

Shortcuts can make life on desktops easier and quicker – and with CheatSheet it couldn’t be simpler to incorporate shortcuts into your daily work. We hope this helps and if you have questions, we’d love to hear them…